Animal art

From Montana

Beaver sticks

Mysteriously carved, and found in a friend’s studio.

The repetitive patterns are created by a beaver gnawing off the stick’s bark.

The patterns change depending on the age of the beaver, the type of wood, and extenuating circumstances.




From New York

I was walking down University Place towards ninth street, when I saw some paintings displayed on a metal security gate.

I never look – because those tourist things are always awful – but something about these paintings caught my eye.

The man who painted them introduced himself. His name is Teofilo Olivieri.


I asked him why he painted on book covers.


“I was in rehab and really needed to paint,” he said. “I saw some books and realized that they were just made of canvas, so I painted on them. Then they threw me out of rehab.”

“Why?” I asked.

“For defacing government property.” he said. “But I’m still clean.”

He does not draw the animal in any way. He just paints the negative space. You can see more of his work online.

Three paintings for Eighty Dollars